What are Injectable Vitamins?

We are living in a generation where everyone is concerned with his or her health. However, people have little time to prepare a balanced meal for their families. No wonder most people are suffering from nutritional deficiencies all over the world more than ever before. Those people who have gone for injectable vitamins like B12 will tell you that it works magic. All you need to do is roll up your sleeve and the health practitioner will find a vein, insert the needle and allow that nutritional solution to get into your blood stream. Doesn’t is sound beautiful? Let no one cheat you that this process is illicit because the person who administers this injection is a licensed professional and does it in a chic clinic.

Most celebrities who Dr. Oz describes as the ‘cutting edge’ like going for injectable vitamins. According to advocates of injectable vitamins, it can treat serious ailments such as the modern-day obsession of ‘body detoxification’, depression, fibromyalgia, macular degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, and even cancer. It is simply a direct way of infusing vitamins into the blood stream. The body gets instant access to these nutrients and uses them to enhance your health. Most health practitioners will tell you that injectable vitamins prevent illnesses among patients.

Try to search for vitamin injections online and you will see dozens of adverts and millions of hits. It goes without saying that the popularity of injectable vitamins is on the rise. Even though we have several endorsements and hypes, there isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest that repetitive vitamin injections come with meaningful health benefits and thus are a necessity. Medical practitioners need to do more research on this topic because it is still an upcoming idea. Injectable vitamins will make you believe that you are doing a good thing for your health even though the treatment lacks the desired demonstrable efficacy. Most people who provide injectable vitamins services target those individuals who are suffering from cancer illnesses. However, there is need for scientific evidence that this is the right medication. The good thing with vitamins is that they assist the body to fight diseases. Therefore, you stand a chance to benefit from this infusion even if you are not sick.

Recent survey reveals that the demand for injectable vitamins has been on the rise in the global economy. The implication is that more and more people appreciate the role of this medication to their health. The modern day intravenous vitamin industry acts as a side-show to scientific health care. The truth of the matter is that injectable vitamins have an established role. Otherwise, the drug and poisons board would not have authorized the administration of this drug. What is required now is more research on the benefits and possible risks of injectable vitamins. These injections can be used to replace what we need to get from our diet. However, we are taking a lot of junk foods as we don’t have enough time to take good care of our health. People are on duty most of the time and have little time to think about their social and heath life. This trend is not a good one but we may not have another option because of the financial implications that come with the demands of life. We just have to make our ends to meet by working most of the time day and night.

In some hospitals, you may find doctors preparing sterile bags that are full of fats, protein, carbohydrates and even vitamins. These concoctions are meant to supply the right diet to the human body. You may see it as a short cut but the most important thing is for the body to get the right supply of nutrients. However, injectable vitamins may not be as efficient as what we get from consuming natural food.   Some of the routine injectable vitamins include B12 or iron and it can be science based if you use it to address real deficiencies. You can also use these injections to manage particular drug toxicities. You can also use high dosage minerals like the intravenous magnesium to cure acute asthmatic attacks. Therefore, vitamins are not the only injectable mineral in the medical industry. However, try to get as much vitamins as you can from your diet instead of overlying on injectable ones. 

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